At Avondale we know that misshapen teeth, spacing and discoloured teeth can all prevent form living your life the way you want to live. Maybe you are afraid to light up the room with a smile, reluctant to go for that job intreview or meet the partner of your dreams . Is your smile holding you back? If so book in for our free smile makeover and perhaps transform your life as well!

At Avondale dental clinic we believe the relationship you have with your dentist is key to a healthy beautiful smile. Our dentists at Avondale can, with the most up to date techniques provide you with that smile. Whether it is a simple restoration or a complex implant case, at Avondale we care.

We want to provide you not only with a beautiful smile but more importantly a healthy smile. At your examination we will examine your teeth, periodontal tissue (gums) jaw joints and screen you for oral cancer. Together we identify the problems and discuss a course of treatment -if needed. After your visit we will e mail/post you the treatment plan and provide you with the alternatives.

We will try our utmost to see all emergencies as soon as possible. After complex treatments an emergency mobile number is offered to reassure you that we are just at the end of the phone. We are currently setting up a weekend on call service.

At Avondale Clinical instruments are sterilised in accordance with recommended procedures. Where possible we use disposable instruments and all of our patients are welcome to a copy of our cleaning and sterilisation procedures.

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